A Loisaida Story … The Fourth Street i

[Photo of “Milagro de Loisaida” banner courtesy of Alberto González]

50 Years AfterA Vision & Labor Of Love

Back in the early 1970s, when a demolished village in the lower east side (LES) of New York seemed a most unlikely place for the incubation and production of prosaic/poetic manuscript, a colorful and radiant floret grew out of Manhattan’s rubbled landscape in the form of leaves. It was an era plagued with burned out buildings, vacant lots, decaying schools, and scarce resources (product of a negligent and disengaged government). Still, out of all the chaos and gloom blossomed a neighborhood’s true beauty filled with youthful ambition, pride, unity and love. The Fourth Street i magazine rose from the LES ashes to thrive and empower its community. It left an indelible mark, forever representing the heart and soul of a struggling but triumphant people who fought for respect while practicing self-validation.

The production team of the Fourth Street i was a courageous group of young spirits who crossed generational boundaries and worked closely with editor, Freddy González and artistic coordinator, Diane Churchill, to celebrate and promote the cultural roots of a struggling community and its residents. Throughout the life of the publication, the magazine’s staff (and contributors) pooled together their intellectual and creative resources to develop and produce an inspirational periodical that documented the spirit of Loisaida and the challenges facing its humble people. The pressed copies were a show of unified strength, conviction and achievement that some consider a true LES miracle. The stories, photographs, artwork and poetry contained in the issues of the “i” are a testament to the dignity and self-determination of a resolute people and their commitment to each other and their disregarded community. [Will Millán]

[Documents courtesy of Diane Churchill]

Personal Writings of Diane Churchill ~1970~

The Fourth Street i… Diane Churchill March 2011

The Fourth Street i… Magazine Issues

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Sometimes called poor – how rich you are… I love you, Lower East Side.

(Diane Churchill)

Fourth Street i benefit dance poster…

Dedicated to the memory of Freddy González…whose heartfelt work has forever left an imprint!

Remembering brother Raymond “Ray” García – [September 1, 1952 – March 1, 2020]

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